For several years I have been working on how to fit my miniature offerings in with my nature-based art and have finally come to the conclusion that, while there is some crossover, they really are two separate types of art and audiences. My miniatures and animal art will continue to commingle on Etsy, but I will be closing the joined Shopify site and creating separate sites and blogs, so that those of you who are looking specifically for miniatures don’t have to sift through the not so tiny stuff.

While collecting miniatures for my family’s “new” 1950s Marx mansion tin dollhouse, which I’ll also be posting about on this blog for my fellow 1:16 scale miniature fans, I found Ebay to also be a wonderful resource for miniature collecting. I have occasionally offered a few miniatures there, but part way through next year, I will be opening a miniature store on Ebay as well for those of you who prefer purchasing through that platform.

This new site will be under construction for the first part of 2020 (I’ve built a lot of websites over the year, but WordPress is a new platform for me) and is planned to officially open in March.

The first part of the year is also going to be a bit messy because I am completely redoing my studio layout so that everything has a dedicated workspace. I’ve started doing miniature furniture (my own designs – I’ve been playing with the 1:12 scale furniture kits for years), and it’s certainly no good for the dust from sanding to be anywhere near the polymer clay or paint!

This blog will follow the progress of various miniature projects, including both items for sale and hobby projects. Part of the studio redesign is that I am going to be setting up a large table to build a slightly customized 1980s Real Good Toys 1:12 scale dollhouse and a 1:12 scale garden. One of many fun projects for the new year!

I hope you also have some exciting miniature projects planned for 2020. I look forward to hearing about what you’re working on and hope that Dream Raven Miniatures can be a part of it.

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday season!

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