Dream Raven Miniatures is the new home of my handcrafted scale miniatures. I am Amanda Ann Larson, a Whidbey Island artist who is obsessed with all things tiny (one of my studio helpers is even a miniature chicken). Growing up, my family and I were constantly going to miniature, doll, and teddy bear shows. Now I make my own miniatures to share with other collectors.

I primarily work with 1:12 scale, but I am also branching out into both smaller and larger scales. My newer scale offerings for 2020 will also include some 1:24 scale, 1:18 scale (Lundby), 1:16 (Ideal, Marx, Plasco, Renwal, etc.), 1:6 scale (for playscale dolls such as Barbie), 1:3 scale (for larger dolls in the American Girls size), and various model train scales.

While I will be adding some more durable resin miniatures that are intended as toys for older children (not that there’s an age limit on toys!), most of my miniatures are artisan scale miniatures for collectors.

My focus when crafting miniatures is on realism. A lot of my work is with miniature fruits and vegetables because I am an organic farmer with a passion for unique heirloom varieties. The majority of my miniatures are sculpted directly from fruits and vegetables I have grown or from photos and measurements I took during the growing season.

I am currently working on increasing the number of varieties of fruits and vegetables I offer, starting with squashes, pumpkins, and gourds. This year I will also start offering my other favorite, miniature animals. I share my farm with my family and menagerie of critters all so adorable that they’re in need of miniaturizing. And, of course, I will be beginning to offer other dollhouse and garden decor, including miniature furniture from modern American periods.

All miniatures offered on this site are handmade by me in my studio, and custom orders are always welcome.

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